All of Mont.El's equipment and electrical wiring are produced in compliance with the strictest international standards, guaranteeing quality for operators and end customers.
The company stands out for its vast experience and ongoing commitment to improving both its production processes and the quality of its solutions.
The sectors in which it operates range from the automotive industry to household appliances, from medical devices to electronics, where technology and safety are key. Mont.El has therefore embraced a culture of continuous improvement and total quality.

Customer satisfaction, an excellent level of know-how, constant checks and safety are always at the top of the company's list of priorities. All with the utmost respect for the environment and with the collaboration and involvement of all staff members.


Mont.El ensures comprehensive technical management of projects and works as a co-designer for some customers, starting by studying their ideas and prototyping, right through to launching production of the piece on an industrial scale.


Mont.El always focuses its attention on its customers, dedicating all its technical and design expertise to them.


Mont.El has achieved the main sector certifications, attesting to its continuous pursuit for quality in compliance with applicable regulations as well as respecting the environment and its personnel.


Mont.El are always looking for new innovations to keep up with the times